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Handcrafted Western Jewelry

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[Colorado and Arizona] Discreet daytime diamonds, a delicate gold chain, or maybe a collar of emeralds adorning a ball gown—these all have a time and place. Like, maybe where tossing tea in the harbor harbored a revolution.

But in Colorado, the land of towering mountains and vast blue sky, and Arizona with delicate desert hues contrasted with vivid, colorful sunsets, it’s definitely OK to go large! To layer. To add a couple more pieces and know you can get away with it, whether you are dressed down in jeans or over the top in a killer cocktail dress.

Whenever, wherever, and however you wear it, western jewelry is just so much fun! And, it’s so much a part of our geologic and cultural western heritage. Depicting Native American history and our western heritage, jewelry made by cowgirls and Indians is the down-to-earth part of where we live. Rock and metal — you can’t get much more basic than that.

Gia Porter and Tony Wyrick, both of Montrose, Colorado, model western jewelry from local and Native American artists and regional galleries.

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This article talks about both contemporary western jewelry and traditional Native American or "Indian" jewelry.

Cowgirls and Iindians, Handcrafted Western Jewelry

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