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"She uses the earth, literally, to create her art and the earth responds..."

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[Parker, Arizona] Some of the greatest art takes us to new and imaginative worlds, yet the unique and powerful artistry of Maggie Remington reminds us that it is here and now, where we stand on the earth, in this world, after all. Maggie is a "southwestern landscape painter" of a new breed. A true "nomadic artist", her home base is now Parker, Ariz. (Last year it was Santa Fe, and not long before that, Colorado, then old Mexico.) All are representative of the many places she does landscape work which is created on the landscape, with the landscape. Honest and true, this work has the local flavors of gold, green, blue, orange and brown with names like those of her Colorado paintings: "Upper Colona, Ouray, CO"; "Grand Mesa, CO"; "Tiyoweh Trails, Montrose,CO". She uses the earth, literally, to create her art and the earth responds, dancing with her—and her viewers—as she creates or they view.

Remington has been compelled to produce this wonderful work travelling throughout the American West and old Mexico. Her palette is the earth’s sometimes subtle, sometimes vibrant pigments; her easel is the ground on which she walks, each canvas completed and carefully dated, given the geographical name of the place she stopped to get to know.

earth paintings

Her methods are logical madness, ambitious and sweaty, the results of hiking and digging, mixing and hauling mud and sand, crushed rock applied by hand, twig or weed. The results are beautiful—large canvases like tanned hides, with organic, biomorphic earth patterns, earth-stained and recorded by this artist-lover of the landscape, making her tribute to the ground we all stand upon.

Click here for the rest of Maggie's story. Or visit her at her web site, maggieremington.com

Collage of Maggie's paintings from Arzona and New Mexico. Photography courtesy of the artist.

Author, Caole Lowry, artist and art writer, is the owner of Planet Earth and the Four Directions Gallery, Grand Junction, Colorado. She has exhibited Maggie's paintings at her gallery and looks forward to doing so again.

1 Maggie Remingon Earth Paintings
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